Customers as a moat

The idea of the ‘economic moat’ is a tempting one. What senior management team would not like to have a foolproof set of defences, a source of competitive advantage so strong as to make the company invulnerable to competition? Everyone is looking for their moat. The problem is, most of us are looking in the wrong places.

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What is your script?

While Freud and most other psychotherapists took the rather simplistic approach of asking the patient about themselves, Berne took an alternate approach to therapy. Berne felt that a therapist could learn what the problem was by simply observing what was communicated (words, body language, facial expressions) in a transaction. So instead of directly asking the patient questions, Berne would frequently observe the patient in a group setting, noting all of the transactions that occurred between the patient and other individuals.*
Although rooted in psycho therapy, Transactional Analysis has a profound role to play wherever interactions constitute the core. In an organizational setting, it can help build strong cultures.

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Bridging the gap

Pam Didner, author of Effective Sales Enablement, shares her perspective on how sales needs to treat marketing as a hidden sales force, while marketing can leverage sales as another marketing channel.

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