Overcome old mindsets, learn new skills

Research suggests that the average life span of Fortune 500 companies is around twenty years, which means that unless today’s Fortune 500 know how to innovate at an accelerated pace. There are chances that we will end up seeing a completely new list by 2040. Innovation is the common strand of DNA running among all these old veterans and also new startups. And the talent that organizations have is the most important factor in this game. Here are two leadership trends.

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Project revolution will be led by people, not robots

The emergence of projects as the economic engine of our times is silent but incredibly disruptive and powerful. In 2019, I foresee the following five trends.

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Humans to work in harmony with intelligent technology

Augmented humanity (AH) is not a novel idea for humans. Case in point, we all reminisce about how humans communicated with each other several decades ago, and how it has evolved with the application of technology.

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