The Smart Manager author guidelines are as follows:

  1. The Smart Manager publishes work that is path breaking management thinking or offers readers new insights into existing management theory/thought.
  2. The Smart Manager also follows the credo of “managers are the best teachers of managers.” In line with this, the magazine actively solicits case studies and/or articles authored by business practitioners on innovations and best practices that have succeeded in their work place.
  3. Articles must be written in clear, relatively jargon free American English.
  4. The Smart Manager encourages authors to illustrate management theory and practice with anecdotes from real-life situations as this helps elucidate management theory and builds reader interest.
  5. Articles may be accompanied with relevant graphs and charts, and/or mini case studies, which will be published as exhibits.
  6. Since the bulk of the magazine’s readers is India based, The Smart Manager encourages its authors to try and use examples from India to illustrate theory and/or the management practice being discussed.
  7. Articles that appear in The Smart Manager must be exclusive to the magazine and should appear in other media only after a suitable time lapse. Occasionally, the magazine does reprint articles that have appeared elsewhere if such articles are deemed to be of interest and inaccessible to the magazine’s readers.
  8. Responsibility to obtain permissions, if required, for use of cited material etc. will vest with the author of the article.
  9. The Smart Manager does not offer its contributors any commercial consideration for publishing their work.
  10. Submitted work is sent to the editorial board for consideration. If the board decides to accept submitted work, the editorial team works with the author thereafter to adapt the work to the magazine’s requirements.
  11. The copyright of the published article in The Smart Manager lies with the magazine (unless the article is a reprint).