Soaked knowledge

If approached as an exercise in listening and learning, powerful conversations with clients and customers can offer long-term lessons. A challenging client may seem like an obstacle but can also turn out to be someone who will motivate you to do quality work, by giving eye-opening ideas and concepts. A radical new way of engaging with clients and customers, the SPONGE process focuses on listening as a means to gain diverse, insightful perspectives.

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Building invicible brands

The average selling price of an iPhone is $500 more than the pricing for its chief competitor Samsung, according to research by Canaccord Genuity, making Apple earn over 90 per cent of the profits in the smartphone category and rack up a cash hoard on its balance sheet.*

What makes customers choose a product over others despite its high price? It is, in most of the cases, directly influenced by the brand’s thorough understanding of the customers’ changing preferences

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content driving growth

…the goals for content marketing and native advertising are very different… The number one metric for content marketing is the number of leads generated, where native ads usually depend on engagement metrics and impressions.*
Both these concepts are ruling today’s digital world. Companies are effectively leveraging the power of both to connect, engage, and create brand awareness.

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