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more than just hearing

Most of the time when we claim to be listening to someone as they speak, we are at least partially passive—if not showing a total lack of interest—or gathering our thoughts to respond to them. But as Richard M Harris points out in The Listening Leader, if listening is made an active, influential activity rather than a passive, compliant one, it can build more dynamic and trusting relationships that benefit all*—a lesson most apt for leaders who have to take everyone along in their journey.

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Negotiations on the leadership path

According to conventional wisdom, leading people requires vision, charisma, and a palpable self-confidence—but not negotiation skills. Negotiation is for use outside the firm—for instance, in cutting deals with partners, customers, and suppliers. The conventional wisdom is dead wrong.* The skill to negotiate is integral, for without it the path to leadership would be difficult.

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hard to measure?

Growth and profitability are an outcome of productivity which in turn is influenced by employee happiness and satisfaction. Studies by independent financial analysts show that publicly traded ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ consistently outperform major stock indices by a factor of 2*. This points to the fact that companies that aim at high performance cannot afford to ignore measuring employee happiness. Technological advancements have now made measuring this key metric all the more easier and accurate.

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