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stand out, not in

 In an era of sameness, it is tough to set your business apart from competition. Customers have dozens of options to choose from, and your company may get lost in the maze of choice. Fine-tuning your sales pitch is an

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symbiotic relationship

No doubt AI has made massive strides and is continuing its relentless march. But those who extol its deep impact tend to forget there is no AI without HI. AI is but an artificial version of human intelligence, less impactful

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celebrate it more often

In an earlier interview with The Smart Manager, author Hap Klopp explained why Silicon Valley companies are a class apart—they recognize the fact that excellence is only achieved via radical action, and that radical action has an incrementally higher probability of failure. They keep ‘failure’ in perspective and do not let it overwhelm them.
It is not something to be averse to—‘failure’ could be the winning mantra if seen as a strategic step along the growth path.

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