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the new normal

For over a decade, companies have been urged to ‘digitalize’ or risk getting left behind. The specific technology innovations introduced by the digital revolution such as mobile, apps, ‘the cloud’, big data, and 3D printing are shaking up businesses and organizations. The digital journey has passed a frontier into a land that no longer distinguishes between digital and business, as these are now unavoidably linked. However, in this passage a fracture is being revealed: top corporate leaders across the globe are insufficiently directing the digitalization of their companies. For this category of leaders, more than for the rest of the organization, digital is at best confusing and at worst unclear.
To support business leaders—executives and boards alike— in their effort to digitalize, INSEAD, in collaboration with the consultancy ‘this fluid world’, have issued a report, Directing Digitalisation: 11 Guidelines for Boards and Executives. The concepts covered in this report are grouped under three key headings—environmental, organizational, and strategic, which are discussed below in the context of India.

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driving digital

Emergence of digital technologies has brought about disruptive changes. But are companies ready for the digital transition? ask Ludo Van der Heyden, INSEAD, and Liri Andersson, this fluid world.

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