customers for life

November 25, 2016

At Chevrolet, one of the key values is to keep the customer at the center of everything we do. With this in mind, we plan to further enhance our network and customer service experience in India, and leverage it as a competitive advantage. The brand aims to significantly increase its market share in the next five years by delivering quality products and care that our customers in India expect and deserve.


complete customer care

Chevrolet’s objective is to earn customers for life by offering strong nation-wide coverage, as well as enhancing the online and offline experience at every step. We operate 202 sales points and 227 service outlets throughout the country to cater to customer requirements. The Chevrolet Complete Care program, a global initiative, has been started with the aim to demonstrate that we truly care about our customers throughout their Chevrolet-ownership experience. It also highlights the brand’s commitment to reliability, innovative technology, and quality.

The program has various components, including the industry-first Chevrolet Promise which provides an assured low cost of maintenance. One of its key elements is to shatter the perception of ‘high cost of ownership’. We aim to do this through being upfront with customers, and ensuring transparency on cost of service, especially maintenance. These efforts are further supported by our world-class warranty, roadside assistance, and customer care center.


customers = sources of knowledge

At Chevrolet, we like to hear and engage with our customers. We strongly believe that their feedback, both positive and negative, is crucial and helps us improve. Understanding customers and their needs is always at the forefront when planning the product portfolio. In fact, it is as important as understanding industry and category trends.

We have conducted extensive studies of Chevrolet and non-Chevrolet automobile
owners in India, to determine their needs across the customer lifecycle. This has allowed us to identify numerous opportunities to better serve potential customers during the ‘use’ lifecycle stage. This stage includes planning to use the vehicle, driving the vehicle, navigating to the destination, entertaining passengers while traveling, and monitoring vehicle status. There are specific ‘moments that matter’ and ‘pain points’ that customers point out—these are what we focus on solving. If we manage to address these issues, it will be possible to meet a potential customer’s expectations better, while also setting a high benchmark.

We regularly conduct focus group analyses to gather inputs for product development. This allows us to continuously listen to our customers and pay close attention to their changing needs. Chevrolet has also been actively engaging with consumers on various social media platforms; our fully-integrated communication campaigns have been designed to utilize social media on all fronts.


new means for the new age

In 2016, General Motors is preparing for a ‘new Chevrolet’ in India, and that entails numerous brand-building activities. We are also working hard to improve our segment rankings in terms of overall vehicle ownership and satisfaction.

As a brand, Chevrolet is built on innovation and ingenuity. From the retail experience to the actual product, we will continue to innovate for customers. We are also extremely proactive with digital campaigns and sales activities considering the changing consumer behavior trends. For example, the brand has partnered with Amazon to mark its re-emergence in the Indian market. The company’s digital campaign delivered the Trailblazer model ‘out of the box’, quite literally; via Amazon India, the Chevrolet Trailblazer was the first and the only car made available for online booking on the e-tail site. We found that many of our customers already refer to online platforms before they buy a vehicle, especially
in the premium segment. The new digital approach has made buying a Chevrolet car a consumer-friendly process.

We believe that the car-shopping experience will rapidly move into the digital and mobile space. The association with Amazon India gives us a great opportunity to evaluate the consumer’s propensity to transact in the digital space, as far as automobiles are concerned. We will continue to evaluate digital and mobile options to enhance both buying and after-sales experiences.


delivering excellence at every level

Along with listening to our customers, we also seek continuous feedback from our sales and service teams. The surveys are evaluated in order to influence wise decision-making that will enhance customer satisfaction. For example, last year we received a number of complaints about delays in receiving parts and long lead times for replacements. We carefully reviewed the situation and updated our process—since January, this concern has decreased by over 90%.

At Chevrolet, we truly believe in empowering our people with limitless possibilities. For this, it is important to give our people the ability and resources to make customer-impacting decisions without escalations, and to remove bureaucracy. We also have a strong reward-and-recognition program to encourage behaviors, both in-dealership and at Chevrolet. We recognize contributions and bestow rewards on those who exceed expectations and demonstrate ‘care’ in everything they do.

Chevrolet’s journey in the Indian market has so far been marked by the introduction of exciting models that offer customers a wide range of options. The time is right for us to take the next step, and truly establish ourselves at the forefront of delivering the best customer service experience in the automotive industry.


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