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What is your script?

While Freud and most other psychotherapists took the rather simplistic approach of asking the patient about themselves, Berne took an alternate approach to therapy. Berne felt that a therapist could learn what the problem was by simply observing what was communicated (words, body language, facial expressions) in a transaction. So instead of directly asking the patient questions, Berne would frequently observe the patient in a group setting, noting all of the transactions that occurred between the patient and other individuals.*
Although rooted in psycho therapy, Transactional Analysis has a profound role to play wherever interactions constitute the core. In an organizational setting, it can help build strong cultures.

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the perfect marriage

In an interview in these columns, Michael Lee Stallard had spoken about the importance of a connection culture in addressing six specific human needs in the work context: respect, recognition, belonging, autonomy, personal growth, and meaning. This, he says, is drastically different from a culture of control where individuals with power, control, and status rule over the rest. To ensure productivity and growth, make sure to create an energizing environment wherein employees feel valued.

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leveraging diversity

As organizations embrace greater cultural diversity in the workplace and employees are increasingly required to work in teams, the impact of diversity on team effectiveness has clear implications for business.1
An intercultural work environment could lead to conflicts that can adversely affect project outcomes. One of the ways this can be avoided is by developing an integrated culture.

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