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Power of data

When it comes to using data to drive business, organizations such as Google or Facebook are iconic… When they started in 2007, big data was not what it is today. All four Vs that define big data—volume, variety, velocity, and veracity—were at lower levels. But perhaps more importantly, there was not much previous experience of working with big data and using it to drive decision making in organizations. At that time, the question was still out as to whether having all that data is useful. Today, the feeling is that the value of data has been proven, and it’s more of a question of how to get it.

Diligent businesses are those that ensure data privacy and security while leveraging its multiple advantages.

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let data speak

Najeeb Kunil, PPZ, highlights how real-time data analytics can help companies survive in today’s unpredictable business environment.

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finding the middle path

Will abundance of big data overthrow the power of intuition, when it comes to driving businesses to success? Rajesh Maurya, Fortinet, Faisal Hoque, Shadoka, and Dr Parag Kulkarni, share their views.

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