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a class apart

Agile execution is now a key differentiator of organizational success. Given this context, it is essential that the CEO is an experienced project manager too. Project managers are some of the best candidates to be CEO because to carry out their

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Bright leaders, right opportunities

In an earlier interview with The Smart Manager, Rita McGrath, author of The End of Competitive Advantage, said, “In organizations, we always think the sins of commission are the ones that might be punished. In smart companies in the future, we are also going to think about sins of omission—not taking the appropriate chances or pursuing the appropriate opportunities for the future.” Consciously looking for opportunities and leveraging the best among them defines the path to survival in the long term.

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leveraging diversity

As organizations embrace greater cultural diversity in the workplace and employees are increasingly required to work in teams, the impact of diversity on team effectiveness has clear implications for business.1
An intercultural work environment could lead to conflicts that can adversely affect project outcomes. One of the ways this can be avoided is by developing an integrated culture.

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