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celebrate it more often

In an earlier interview with The Smart Manager, author Hap Klopp explained why Silicon Valley companies are a class apart—they recognize the fact that excellence is only achieved via radical action, and that radical action has an incrementally higher probability of failure. They keep ‘failure’ in perspective and do not let it overwhelm them.
It is not something to be averse to—‘failure’ could be the winning mantra if seen as a strategic step along the growth path.

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How to tame your ‘victim voice’

Our lives often take unexpected turns—landing us in difficult situations, fighting unforeseen odds. However, rarely do we comprehend that what has led to the crisis could be our own flawed approach and we wallow in self-pity. It takes a lot of courage and self-belief to accept and acknowledge that the fault lines lie within.

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How can one build a high-performing team? Larry Sternberg and Kim Turnage, co-authors of Managing to Make a Difference, decode five leadership myths that will help managers engage, retain, and develop talent for maximum performance.

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