the age of AI

February 23, 2017

Most people, I know, typically prefer to read a particular newspaper also for its coverage style, presentation, and language. However, if they were told that the articles were being written not by humans but by bots, what would their reaction be?

During the recent US elections, one topic that continuously trended (pun intended)—across both offline and online media—was the widespread usage of big data and AI by both the candidates to build voter engagement. CNN, NBC, The Washington Post and The New York Times employed bots to ensure comprehensive coverage. The campaign strategy of both the candidates included programs such as chatbots to ensure their opinions and quotes trended on major social media platforms throughout the day. Elsewhere, even though opinion polls predicted a swing in favor of Hillary Clinton, MogIA—an Artificial Intelligence system developed by Sanjiv Rai, an innovator based in Mumbai—predicted a definitive win for Trump.

Welcome to the AI world. From offering inputs to companies on what products to build to writing poems and authoring books, AI is no longer an esoteric concept. It is now a tangible reality invading our daily lives. Businesses too are embracing AI—from being used mostly to gauge customer engagement, it is now being used across verticals such as production and designing too. There is little doubt that big data and AI are going to fundamentally change the way businesses are run. Businesses and managers will need to recalibrate—how and to what extent will be the key. Do write in with your views.

Happy reading!