Customer cues

customer engagement

To deal with the demand for tailored one-to-one customer/company conversations, businesses are using AI. By 2020, Gartner predicts that 85% of customer interactions will be handled this way.* Increasingly, companies are experimenting new ways to engage their customers. The crux lies in understanding the demands of the more empowered and knowledgeable customer.

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‘repeat’ value

“Companies that do a very good job of retaining their customers and developing the value of everybody over time should be awarded a much higher multiple than another business that does not retain their customers as well, even if the historical revenue patterns look exactly the same.”* This makes a case for businesses to focus on retaining their existing customers through innovative practices.

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change your game

A study carried out by McCarthy Group showed that close to 84% of millennials do not trust traditional advertisements. Further, another study by Fractl and Moz showed that they consider ads to be disruptive and close to 63% of them block advertisements. They have an average attention span of eight seconds.* This implies that marketers have a very small window to send their message across. So how can a brand best engage with them?

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