when social goes digital

The digital is no more a distant reality; it has made deep inroads into the lives of even the most ‘un-digital’ of us. While beckoning us to be part of an expansive world that holds many attractions—unlimited freedom and deeper

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Power of data

When it comes to using data to drive business, organizations such as Google or Facebook are iconic… When they started in 2007, big data was not what it is today. All four Vs that define big data—volume, variety, velocity, and veracity—were at lower levels. But perhaps more importantly, there was not much previous experience of working with big data and using it to drive decision making in organizations. At that time, the question was still out as to whether having all that data is useful. Today, the feeling is that the value of data has been proven, and it’s more of a question of how to get it.

Diligent businesses are those that ensure data privacy and security while leveraging its multiple advantages.

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an immersive future

AR, VR, MR, and AI have been around for quite some time now, and today, these technologies have evolved in a way that they find application in almost all fields imaginable. The pervasive nature of these technologies is such that they seem to be gradually becoming less of an option and more of a norm. Here are trends to watch out for in this space.

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digital pivot

In this age of rapid digital transformation, how should managers think about digitization of their industries and companies? N Venkat Venkatraman, author of The Digital Matrix, presents a few steps companies can take to create an effective digital ecosystem and integrate it with their growth strategy.

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the new normal

For over a decade, companies have been urged to ‘digitalize’ or risk getting left behind. The specific technology innovations introduced by the digital revolution such as mobile, apps, ‘the cloud’, big data, and 3D printing are shaking up businesses and organizations. The digital journey has passed a frontier into a land that no longer distinguishes between digital and business, as these are now unavoidably linked. However, in this passage a fracture is being revealed: top corporate leaders across the globe are insufficiently directing the digitalization of their companies. For this category of leaders, more than for the rest of the organization, digital is at best confusing and at worst unclear.
To support business leaders—executives and boards alike— in their effort to digitalize, INSEAD, in collaboration with the consultancy ‘this fluid world’, have issued a report, Directing Digitalisation: 11 Guidelines for Boards and Executives. The concepts covered in this report are grouped under three key headings—environmental, organizational, and strategic, which are discussed below in the context of India.

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blockchain-“you say you want a revolution”

Don Tapscott, The Tapscott Group, and Alex Tapscott, Northwest Passage Ventures, breakdown the concept
of blockchain technology.

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