a culture play

Leaders should understand the connection between organizational change and customer experience, which can be established if an enriching culture is fostered for employees to perform at their best. When I founded The Best Practice Institute, I launched it with Fortune

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networking… the dark side

Networking is an integral part of our social existence; it is an almost involuntary act. But in the professional sphere, we need to stay clear of fear and misconceptions in order to forge meaningful relationships.

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Equal players

A 2018 Harvard Business Review article laments the lack of gender parity in the field of medicine in the US. It says, “for over 25 years, women have made up at least 40% of US medical students. This past year, more women than men were enrolled in US medical schools. Yet overall women make up only 34% of physicians in the US, and gender parity is still not reflected in medical leadership. Women account for only 18% of hospital CEOs and 16% of all deans and department chairs in the US—positions that typically direct the mission and control the resources at medical centers.”*
This is a reality reflected in many professions across the globe. Even the most vocal advocates of gender parity inadvertently identify certain roles with certain genders. Sales is one such area, traditionally considered a male bastion.

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