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those best sellers

Customer acquisition and its cost are some of the key metrics used to measure ecommerce profitability. And one of the ways to reduce this cost is to keep customers hooked by providing a larger variety. Retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart, Junglee, Snapdeal, and Shopclues have realized this and are focusing on seller acquisition by creating marketplaces.

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putting customers first

According to an analysis by Nielsen, more than three out of every four new FMCG products launched fail in their first year.1 The reasons behind the success or failure of a product are varied. However, a common precaution companies can take while conceptualizing a product is to gauge its product-market fit.

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own your dream

A huge repository of used goods and the emergence of an aspirational consumer class hold immense potential to create a sustainable market for refurbished goods, says H R Bhatia, Surpluss.in.

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