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Bright leaders, right opportunities

In an earlier interview with The Smart Manager, Rita McGrath, author of The End of Competitive Advantage, said, “In organizations, we always think the sins of commission are the ones that might be punished. In smart companies in the future, we are also going to think about sins of omission—not taking the appropriate chances or pursuing the appropriate opportunities for the future.” Consciously looking for opportunities and leveraging the best among them defines the path to survival in the long term.

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gift of time

In The 100-year Life, Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott refer to a French fable in which a nymph, Ondine, curses her husband Palemon: as long as he is awake, he will breathe; as soon as he sleeps, he will die. From that time on he spends every moment in frantic activity, fearing death. Will an extended three-stage life be like this—entailing constant work, boredom, and missed opportunities—or full of possibilities?

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